Nice Conversation


Self respect, love and kindness are those feelings which everyone enjoys and want from others. Why not, these feelings have the longest lasting effect than any other feeling. But when it comes to sharing the same feelings and expressing kindness, love and respect to others, the dilemma arises as majority of the people lack the expression of such magical and heart capturing feelings with others. This behavior is really amazing; one must have the temperament of expressing the feelings just as he expects others to express the same for him. These feelings undoubtedly can conquer the hearts of others with that ease that no other thing can. There are some real life stories which cause me to raise this argument.

Let’s start with a story of a Tutor and his Student. One may inquire about what the important part in a story of student and teacher? The whole teaching session lasted 7 to 8 months and then the session was about to end.  The student was a 14 year old boy who was seen crying badly when he came to know that his teacher is not going to teach him anymore for being busy, the boy tried almost every way to let the teacher stop by offering him flexible timings, weekend classes but that teacher was simply unable to move on with the teaching. Now that’s where the point arises, what happened with that boy that after being taught by several teachers, he got so attached with that one particular teacher. Leaving this question to be answered in the end, let’s go for another story.


There were two girls studying together in an academy and they had so much friendship that one of them always used to ask for help in studies from the other who was a bit kind and helping. Their leisure time used to pass with fun and charming activities. Their friendship just got too strong within just 6 months. Then came a twist when one of the girl had to leave the academy as he got shifted in other locality. At the last day, the girl leaving the academy got overwhelmed and thanked the other girl for help and asked for forgiveness in case of any misbehavior. Here, the question arises again that what was the reason behind this behavior despite that usually an overwhelming behavior is seen on the time of separation.

Now, without beating about the bush anymore, let’s start analyzing the behaviors found in both the stories. The behavior that was common in both the stories was kindness and love that a teacher showed to his student and a friend showed to other friend. The teacher not just taught the course to the student but also he used to guide about the moral values, adding up some ethical standards which may benefit here and hereafter. Moreover, career guidance was another ground where the teacher shared his experience. As in the other case, one friend was very kind and helpful that he never refused any favor asked by the other friend. Her kind-heartedness was so magical that the girls became best friends in a short time period and let the other girl felt depressed when she was about to leave the academy. We can simply analyze that it was the kindness, love and respect one showed without asking any return from others and literally won the hearts of others. The hearts’ winners are the ones who can simply enjoy the fruits of respect and love in return from others. Most importantly, the best return they get in the world is supplication form others. Such people try to do such actions with such devotions which ultimately let others to favor them. The behavior of being humane is also mentioned in the Holy Quran as: “Speak good to people” (Al Baqarah : 83)

It is not style which conquers the hearts, nor it is the appearance which makes an impression; it is simply the game of respecting others and communicating with the modest way you can. This particular behavior is worthy; make sure you invest in it!

(Written By: Muhammad Maaz)

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