Funeral prayers in absentia of Mumtaz Qadri offered in Mansoora


A funeral prayers in absentia of Shaheed-e-Risalat, Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, has been offered and attended by a large number of nationals and JI workers at Jamaat-e-Islami headquarter Mansoora here on Tuesday.

The funeral prayer was led by JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch while JI Naib Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, Maulana Abdul Malik, JI deputy secretary general Dr. Fareed Ahmed Paracha, JI Lahore chief Zikrullah Mujahid also addressed on the occasion.

Participants prayed for rest of departed soul of Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri and criticised the rulers over the execution.

The leaders said that rulers gained hatred of whole nation by sending Qadri to the gallows and the martyrdom will not go into vain. The leaders reiterated that Pakistan was founded on name of Islam and no one could remove its ideological base.

JI leaders strongly condemned bid to crush protests against the execution by stopping media coverage of the events by owners of media giants. JI always raised voice for independence of media in the country and its various leaders sent behind bar for the struggle but the media house should not crush voice of the nation, the leaders demanded.

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