Desert of Solitude


I am a person who is a victim of isolation at home. I mean I have my family members with me but still it seems to me like I have issues in sharing & discussing my matters with them. My parents do love me but I need more than just love and care. My family members are friendly but not as much as they can help me when I need them urgently. My parents do keep an eye on me but it seems that they don’t have much time to listen to my likes and dislikes, sharing their views with me and helping me with my issues. If family isn’t good enough for me than I have the option to socialize with friends. So that’s the only reason I chose the way of socializing with friends to get rid of the state of being isolated.

This is a story of a youngster who suffers from loneliness. Most of the youngsters of our society are facing the issue of being isolated at home. This is the dilemma of the modern world where majority of the youngsters have created an artificial world around them to get rid of the state of loneliness. Their best friends nowadays are not their family members but the electronic gadgets which provide them the ultimate solution to be social and entertained via gaming and social networking.

The nature of every child is unique. He must possess some extraordinary skills which need to be identified and nourished well enough so the best can be brought out from him. The fast pace of the modern world is swallowing the roots of the family system which once were the reason of success for every individual. Those were the times when the parents had bonding with their children and the children also have the love and respect for their parents. It was the time when communication and negotiation was the key to express and implement ideas but the entire scenario has changed in the modern era, parents without giving time to their valuable time to their children demand a pack of desired outcomes just like you are feeding software in a robot to perform a task. It may sound boorish but literally the society is lacking those essential parental guidelines which need to be identified while giving tasks and responsibilities to the children.


Let me share a very touchy story of how sensible a teenager could be! A teenager was found once crying lonely in a room, her mom asked her the reason for crying and guess what how mature answer he gave to her mother! He said: “Mom, I am crying because I am getting young and I know I am going to be noticed on my every action by Allah and then He will ask me about those!” That guy was almost 14 at the time. Harmony and friendship in a family is what it takes to make a family bonded. The role of parents is more important as they must give time, care, and love to their children. They must keep an eye on children but they should not be suspicious on their activities. They can create a positive sense of learning by motivating children equally. They must give confidence to children rather humiliating and shattering self confidence of children.

Children, in fact youngsters also have the responsibility to respect and love their parents who always do more than words to provide children with the best they can. Friends are important but ultimately parents are actual ones to understand the feelings because they have nourished a child from childhood to adolescence and even after that, just the way a gardener knows how to flourish and ensure the safety of a tree.

The harmonious relationship based family needs to be resurrected otherwise families would be loosing the gems and diamonds (the children)!

(Written By: Muhammad Maaz)

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