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Humsafar! Who is that by the way? Is that always someone who is the life partner or it may be someone else? For me it was the family who was with me when I along with my father was travelling in train from Rawalpindi to Karachi last year. So those Humsafars had given so many good memories so I am still able to recall and cherish them. Enjoy a memory!

Lahori Qulfi is really tasty! Let me get some for you. I and my father were shocked. We tried to stop that person but he was one of his kind, he brought some Lahori qulfis for us. They were just the same as they are here in Karachi but the taste was good, in fact it tasted more yummy than the taste of that in Karachi and I really think it was due to the love he showed and the ultimate courtesy with which he brought those qulfis.

That little scenario is what happened at the Lahore Railway Station. That person who offered us that Qulfi was the head (father) of the family. They were a group of 4 people; a middle age couple with two cute kids. We started our journey from the Rawalpindi Station and within a couple of hours; the family head became friendly with my father. He showed ultimate respect and love and asked his kids to treat my father as their grandfather. He shared stories of his time with my father and recalled the bonding within the society. He treated me as his younger brother and advice me with some good ideas about family bonding and general life experiences.

As the journey continued, our chit chat goes on and on and those 2 kids also became good friends of me. One was a boy and other one was a girl. They were school going kids and they shared their stories of friends and cousins. It was my time to listen as children have always s lot of stories to share. When it was almost a few hours left in the journey, I asked both of them to draw something for me and it was the best part to take those drawings with me as a memory. That journey ended when we reached at the destination i.e. Karachi.

I was astonished by the saying that “Having good people during travel is a blessing.” That day my experience let me feel that the quote is relevant enough as the Humsafars (the surrounding travelers) can affect the entire scenario of one’s journey undoubtedly.

(Written By: Muhammad Muaaz)

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