FC seize huge quantity of arms, ammunition in Tirah valley


PESHAWAR: The Frontier Corps Khyber Pakthunkhwa seized huge quantity of arms, ammunition, suicide jackets and 140 kg explosives during a raid at a compound in Khyber Agency, said a spokesman for FC Media Cell here Friday.

The FC authorities on a tip off conducted a raid on a compound in remote Gardi Mela area of Tirah valley and seized big cache of arms and weapons.

The seized weapons included four numbers of HMG, Seven 303 rifles, two 82mm Mor, three 82 mm tripod, one AGL 40 mm, one AGL40 mm Tripod, one 12.7 mm Gun Cradle, one 12.7 mm tripod, Seven SMG Mag, one HMG Mag drum, one binoculars, 99 rounds of RPG 7 ammo, 33 numbers of 40 mm Rockets, 22 rounds of 75 mm RR ammo, one SP brl Msl, eight rounds of 82 mm Mor ammo, 32 Mor Fuses, 39 RPG 7 Fuses, 11  boxes of 14.5 mm ammo, 15 boxes of 12.7 mm ammo, 16 boxes of HMG ammo,  5820 ammo SMG, 960 ammo 303, 140 kg explosive (potassium), three bundles IED Fuse wire and four packets of suicide jackets secondary.

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