KFC announces some special for UK customers


Get ready fried chicken lovers, as KFC’s famous Double Down sandwich is all set to hit UK outlets.

For six weeks only, the colonel will be blowing chicken lovers’ minds with the Double Down. Never heard of it? It’s apparently huge in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and is comprised of crispy bacon, melted Monterey Jack cheese and BBQ sauce, all sandwiched between two succulent chicken fillets.

KFC say they are bringing it to the UK market after receiving hundreds of tweets and messages from British fans for the sandwich to be launched here.

The Double Down will drop into branches next Monday., ‘There’s been so much excitement for the Double Down since it first launched to the US in 2010,’ says Jack Hinchliffe, Innovation Director at KFC UK & Ireland.

‘It’s sold out in every country that it’s been released in, so we’re anticipating it’ll be a sell-out success here in the UK.

The Double Down is £4.79 or £5.79 with fries and a drink.

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