Motorola takes a dig at Apple and Samsung


Just days after Apple unveiled its iPhone X, Samsung released an anti-Apple advertisement to promote its flagship device Galaxy Note 8.

Now, Motorola has taken things a step further, releasing an advert that mocks both Apple and Samsung.

In company’s new advert of Z2 play, with a slogan “Up-upgrade to Motorola”, went toe to toe with Apple and Samsung.

Motorola picks up where the Samsung advert left off.

Samsung’s advert for its Galaxy Note 8 showed the progression of past iPhones alongside past Samsung models, mocking many of Apple’s designs.

It featured a male character buying various iPhone models over the years, ranging from the iPhone 3GS, through to the iPhone 7.

Each year, the character encountered an issue with his iPhone, which his girlfriend – who used various Samsung phones – didn’t face.

Finally, the iPhone user decides to switch to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

But Motorola released the advert for its Z2 Play smartphone last week, which features the same characters as Samsung’s advert, and picks up where it left off.

After the male character comes home with his Galaxy Note 8, he finds that his girlfriend has once again changed phones – this time to a Motorola Z2 Play.

While the male character watches a film on his phone, his girlfriend gives him an eye-roll.

She then attaches Motorola’s projector, Moto Mod, onto her Z2 Play, and watches a video projected on the wall.

A message on the screen then appears, saying ‘Up-upgrade to Motorola.’

Motorola posted the video to its Twitter page, along with the caption: ‘Their better just got bested.

Motorola released the $499 (£373) Z2 Play in July.

Samsung and Apple are yet to respond to the advert.

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