flynas Expands Its International Reach to Pakistan

Passenger plane

Riyadh:Flye Nass announced the launch of new flights between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan from February 15, 2018. Saudi Arabia has decided to launch new flights to improve regional relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

For these flights, elegant Aerobus 320 and Boeing 767 planes will be used with modern and united facilities. Apart from a reservation agent for booking, smartphone and Fly-nou’s website will also be available –

Apart from the above flights of Flyi Nasser, Zeerine also specializes in pilgrims for Hajj-e-Umrah – Flai serves Saudi Arabia passengers for mischief or Hajj and Umrah, and it will provide more facilities for travelers so that many Easily reach various areas of Saudi Arabia – More fly-free flights will also be available for immediate access to 17 different cities of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia).

“We will continue to increase our scope according to the needs of our respective travelers, though we are new tours in Asia and Africa,” explains Fai Nau’s Chief Executive Officer, Monkey Almaty’s views in connection with his international expansion plan. We have reached Kanu, Nigeria in 2017, and will reach different cities of Pakistan, India and Algeria in 2018 ”

Our pledge is that the year 2018 will prove to be the year of international achievements and new destinations, we also promise that Fillah will have maintained the quality of the last 10 years.

Fly NAS is launching the following flights:

From February 15, 2018, Riyadh – Lahore and Riaz – Islamabad

From February 15, 2018 – Lahore

Jeddah-Lavrov from 17 February 2018

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