increase the problems of the exporters after the expiry of June 2018,


KARACHI: The federal government’s exports of 180 billion rupees provided to the exporters, are expected to increase the problems of the exporters after the expiry of June 2018, but the performance of the special, especially the Aparel sector has increased significantly after meeting the Prime Minister’s Export Package. And during the last few months, the exports of Textile Aparal Sector increased in spite of the value of Utility, Port, Temperature Charges and Workers, from 26% to 110% in the exports of Tanzania and Region in the Pakistani exports, and it secured the sale of precious zodiac signals. Has become a source According to sources of domestic sector, domestic textile exporters face severe competitiveness in the global market with the exporters of the region countries, compared to 126 percent compared to Bangladesh, which is industrialized in the industrial sector in India, 63 percent compared to India and more than 26% While the electricity tariff of the industries in Pakistan is also 22 percent and 37 percent respectively compared to the three countries, similarly the wages of Pakistani workers are 110 percent compared to Bangladesh, 24.21 percent more than India and 25.8 percent compared to Vietnam. Workers are being given monthly $ 143 a month Due to the fact that domestic industrialists and exporters have been struggling to sell their goods in the global market, but the support from the Prime Minister’s Export Package enabled the Textile Apparel to stand in front of the exporters of the competitors in the global market as other export Despite the support of the partners, they could not show significant performance. Pakistan’s rapid exports during the last few years, where Pakistan lost valuable trade, many exporters of Pakistan sat down at home, especially in small exporters, faced problems. We reduce fiber exports from Pakistan and from the garments in the country itself Due to the rapid rise in exports, exports increased and industrialists for better expectations had to increase the efficiency of their factories, many industrialists have expanded their factories and also imported new modern machinery so that the global market Strengthening other countries Compete with But despite the courage to compete against the countries of the region, the exporters also fear that after June 2018, how will they compete with the countries of the region with heavy utility and portfolio charges. Due to the fiscal year 2016-13, fiscal year 2016-13 Exports of domestic gross exports increased by 15.02 percent to $ 5 billion in the year to $ 76 billion, up to $ 9.76 billion, in which textile exports rose by 4.60 billion to $ 12 billion 45 million from 25 million 32 thousand .Users demand that long-term policies should be given to government exporters rather than barbarpecks and to reduce productivity To take steps so that on a permanent basis According to this, Chairman, Pakistan Aparel Forum and Chief Coordinatorial Adaptable Exporters, Muhammad Javaid Balochi said that electricity and gas prices for the industries in Pakistan are very much compared to the rates of competitive countries due to which Pakistani industries are very competitive. Challenges are facing, utilities for industries are huge barriers in cost-export, Textile Aparel holds spinal cord in sector and the Oliver Adidexport sector is the most important source of revenue and exchange for national treasury. He said that Production of industries The cost is also the effect of other Utilities and matters on the same style, including gas and water prices, industrial raw materials and labor charges, which are more in Pakistan than other countries in the region, so promotion of exports For the government to set up the export capabilities of export textile industries, the government should set an annual price based on electricity, gas and water.

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