Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution, has recently launched


karachi: Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution, has recently launched its first phase of its Interactive Campus ‘Map My Pakistan’ competition in its commitment to providing innovative solutions to consumers. On December 2017, during February 2018, Viral was on Facebook, in which thousands of people using TPL Maps app were engaged in increasing points of interest (places or POIs) in the case of going to a school, office, their favorite restaurant or sourcing goods .However, Map My Pakistan’s fury to win the competition, for five people who won the competition The number of mobile phones were kept safely because all the participants in the competition should join TPL Maps in the journey of creating a map of Pakistan, and make their country a part of the global digital map. Inviting thousands of people to this campus It was given that users using TPL Maps to add locations to the app and join the TPL Maps Team to meet the target of 10 million POIs in the country’s own Navigation app without them. It was not possible. Through this competition, those who accepted the challenges in Pakistan have only been in TPL Maps database for six weeks. Tmaay as twenty thousand zaydtusyq add more points of interest! Five successful people have been announced and their mobile phones have also been released for them. Successful 50 participants will also be offering great gadgets to the company to continue the journey of mapping. Whether I am a contest or not, Pakistan’s mission to make a map map will always continue! To join this important journey, you will need to create your account by downloading the app from the PlayStore or App Store and confirming your email address. Now you are ready to add locations to the TPL Maps app! Campin’s Pilot Phase is formally completed when similar other competitions and interactive campuses are in the process of preparation. At the same time, start downloading TPL Maps and start playing a map of Pakistan. This app store is available free of charge on the Play and App Store. Talking about this campus, TPL Maps Head, Adeel Hashmi said “Map My Pakistan is not only a hashtag trend but it also tells us what we are. Our vision is to completely mapping every corner of Pakistan and on this task we spent a lot of time and other resources. From the digital map, the way to e-commerce will be smooth on the move because it will help the new startups in the country and the economy will be stronger. To complete this great task, we need the help of the Pakistani people to bring the country back to global digital transformation. “

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