PSCA took immediate action on selling non-standard edible oil, Umar Rihan


KARACHI: Director General Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQA) Mohammad Khalid Siddique said that industrialists can play an active role in improving the quality and efficiency, they are welcome to improve the institution, More than 50 more specialists are serving to improve performance. He expressed his views on the visit of the Corinthi Association of Trade and Industry. He said that industrial and business sector in PSQA’s 181 Technical Committees should focus on their representation.

We understand the importance of this consultation. Khalid Siddique said PSQA’s responsible technical obligations are applicable, it is necessary that the same rules apply across the country, Pakistan is a member of WTO and the same rules for the whole country Membership is also required. Earlier, Katy’s President Tariq Malik, Vice President Jeddah Naqi, Omar Rihan, head of the Katy’s Standing Committee for Food Safety and Health, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Farooq Mazhar, Zubair Chhia and other DGPS QC’s Kitty arrival Congratulations on.

Koti’s President Tariq Malik said that PSQA is an important institution for the Pakistani economy, it is inevitable to implement standards for business and economy development. According to the Kati Standing Committee for Food Safety and Health, Umar Rihan said that PSCA has taken immediate action to ban non-standardized oils in Karachi and Hyderabad.

. He said that consulting business community should be included in the formulation of effective implementation of standards. The Zubair Shadow said that the authority should also pay attention to the internal defects and complaints. Farkh Mazhar said that government and private sectors need to work jointly for standalone and quality assurance.

Later, DGPS Q. also gave answers to the questions of Katie’s members. He said that technological committees always welcomed the industry’s voice, the industry should also take a heart attack. He said that PSQA is not the only institutional monitoring of the standards of edible items, non-edible products are also available in the scope of this institution.

He said that last year 222 units have been implemented against the permits of industrial units in the residential areas. He said that the situation in the implementation of the situation is improving, last year the license rate has increased by thirty percent. Khalid Siddique said that Pakistan is a member of WTO that needs to be standardized across the country, we are doing our job in this regard. On the end of the ceremony, the KGT was presented by Kitty for a memorial shield and bold by the KGB

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