The timely delivery of crude oil further increases the national economy. Governor Sindh


Karachi .  Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair said that the importance of crude oil in the social life has increased significantly, especially in its timely delivery, the rapid economic growth in industrial, economic, commercial, business and social activities, oil delivery I am playing an important role in the development of busy economy, the government will solve their problems and problems on priority basis on priority basis. He expressed his views in the meeting with a seven-member delegation of Oil tanker contractors association led by former Governor Balochistan Agha Mufyidullah.

The meeting was discussed in detail on issues relating to oil tanker associations in the delivery of oil, infrastructure, difficulties, obstacles, and timely delivery of oil to speed up the national development. Governor Sindh said that crude oil is important in the promotion and transportation of the development and prosperity of the national economy, industrial activity, commercial, business and social activities, whose timely delivery is extremely indispensable to the social and social life flow. Is. He said that the current government is taking measures on priority basis for the maintenance and development of infrastructure for increasing economic prosperity, economic development, industrial activity and business activities, after the establishment of peace and eliminating electricity crisis. With the latest sources, the National Economy will also develop faster and faster, for which necessary measures are being taken, completion of the CPP will increase the economic activities, in addition to Infrastructure in industrial, commercial and business areas.

Work is ongoing for maintenance and development. He said that from port to industrial areas, the infrastructure of the infrastructure is being kept so that timely delivery of oil and goods can be timely. He said that in order to eliminate difficulties and obstacles to Oil tanker associations, he will contact the concerned authorities so that issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

In the meeting, the Oil tanker contractors association asked Governor Sindh to make a statement about the difficulties and challenges related to the situation and requested him to take revenge. He said that even during tough times, he assured the timely delivery of oil so that there could be no obstacles in the national economy, due to the measures of federal government, the improvement of infrastructure and improvement of infrastructure was improving, further measures increased economic activity.

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