After indexing 43100 points, 100 indexes closed at 42900 points


KARACHI : The stock market on Tuesday rose sharply on Tuesday and KSE-100 index came back to 42900 points after touching 43100 points, while the market capitalized an increase of 37 billion.

On Monday, Pakistan’s stock market fell on Tuesday, due to the purchase of energy, steel, food and gas products in the financial institutions, the index had reached a high level of 43115 points, but small investments Due to the crackdown by the cars, the index dropped to a low level of 42600 points, after seeing the recovery in the index, due to which the market closed in the positive zone .EXSE 83.94 points in the KSE 100 index at the stock market on Tuesday The index was recorded, which reduced from 42911.02 points to 42994.96 p Aynts been increased from the KSE-30 index 94.37 points to 21586.14 points increase

KSE all-shares index reached 31108.07 points at 31238.48 points. Due to business acceleration, the growth of the market was increased by 37 billion 43.33 billion 947 rupees, which resulted in the increase in the total volume of the capital to 89 billion 50 billion 59 million from 35 lakh 60 thousand 489 rupees to 89 billion 88 billion 2 crores 73 lakh 34 thousand 436.

The stock market deals with 14 billion 48 million 87 thousand shares worth Rs 6 billion on Tuesday. On Monday, the share of shares worth Rs 7 billion worth Rs 7 billion was traded. In the stock market, 354 companies were traded on Tuesday, out of 165, the share of 165 shares declined, 164 deficit and 25 shares remained stable in the shares. According to Rai, the current electron is Rs.15 million, the TRG-Pak Limited, 92 lakh 35 thousand, Eric Tek Limited 88 lakh 42 thousand, Friends Steel Limited 83 lakh 67 thousand and Military Foods Limited 68 lakhs 95 thousand shares have been headed by a sharp increase of 425.00 rupees. Price of Liver Foods increased by Rs 8925.00 and Rs 175.00, while the value of the shares of the Raffan Mesh reached Rs 7100.00 while the value of shares of Island Textiles and Bahnro Textile was recorded respectively for 56.00 rupees and 47.23 respectively respectively. The share of this textile textile is reduced to Rs 1072.00 and the value of the shares of the Genio Textile decreases 897. Rs .47 rupees

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