The Pakistani rupee was stiff compared to the dollar


The price of British pounds was reduced from Rs 156.50 to Rs 155
Karachi (Staff Reporter) The Pakistani rupee was stiff compared to the dollar in the Inter Bank and the Open Currency Market.

According to the Information Association of Pakistan, the bank declined 9 paise compared to rupee on Tuesday, 110.57 rupees to Rs 110.57 and price sales fell from Rs 110.68 to 110.59 rupees.

similar to the reduction of 25 paise, the price of dollar in the local open currency market was reduced from Rs 112 to Rs 111.70 and the sale price less than Rs 112.25. Yes, it was Rs 112. According to the Forex report, the value of Euro decreased by 75 paise, which reduced the price of euro to Rs. 137.50. Rs. 137 rupees and price sales declined by Rs 138 to Rs. 138.25. Similarly, the record of 1.50 rupees has increased by Rs 156.50 to Rs 155 and Rs 156.50 to Rs 156.

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