“Heroes Leadership Lounge” will help women directly communicate with leaders


KARACHI: The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched the “Heroes Leadership Lounge” on the occasion of women’s day celebrations. The announcement was made at the local hotel. “Heroes Leadership La Nu” is an advisory platform that will provide online resources and active consultation to make women more efficient in their offices and workplace places. It will also help bring Lao women to direct links with Pakistani business leaders and enhance their personal skills.

This platform will make research and efforts for the government and the enterprises to create gender diversity and work opportunities for women. The role of research for government and business sector will also be actively paid. The OICCI’s efforts to provide opportunities for women at heroes platform offices and workshops have been developed by Unilever Pakistan. “Heroes Leadership Lounge” OICCI itself Members have a continuation of the commitment made in November 2017 in which it reiterated the commitment to focus on providing gender equality for gender equality and women’s authority, for women to prepare for higher leadership corporate leadership. What can you do?

On this occasion, and ICCC President Brno Olivieri said that it is a pleasure to see that the new aspects of women’s development are being done and our current five steps as women’s friends are involved in the road map of the environment. I am adding more. Women’s training and guidance will reduce the capabilities of women working in corporate sector, and they will be able to become a model model for women who want to work in corporate sector. On this occasion, the OICC Secretary General Abdul-Elam said that in 2017 OICCI and its members had decided to make women’s corporate sector more authorized. Heroes leadship lounge is a great platform for the completion of our commitment to building a more gender balanced environment, to play equally role in the social and economic development of Bakhtaten Kohistanistan.

On this occasion, OICCI Vice President Shazia Syed said that heroes lead-up lounge is a joint voice of women working in corporate sector in Pakistan, who was consulting and government to succeed as well as successful successors. The business sectors will provide a road map to ensure gender equality between workforce. On this occasion, a workshop was organized by Circle Pakistan, in which experts belonging to different fields expressed their opinion on the necessary steps to ensure equal representation for women. The workshop highlighted the best practices by which business organizations help women workers continue to operate in these institutions. The workshop was also emphasized on promoting all these steps in public and private sector. Almost 200 afghanis attended by the OICCI members in the workshop. And ICCCI is working closely with the Government of Pakistan to support the policies of its members to highlight the importance of gender equality, as well as in the places working in the country.

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