Pakistan stock market declined by more than 300 points


th (1)KARACHI: Pakistan’s stock market has hit the stock market as well as the level of conflicts between the political parties in the Senate’s election, which also affected the stock market on Tuesday, and the KSE 100 index decreased by more than 300 points on Thursday. The market was closed at a low level of 43 thousand while 79 billion rupees were drowned in the market, resulting in the total volume of the capital’s wage volume by Rs 90 to Rs 89 per cent. The stock market remained pressure from the start of Thursday on Thursday.

On the occasion, the KSE 100 Index fell at the lowest level of 42900 points due to pressure from local institutes and brokerage houses for profit from profits, but due to the recovery of 133 points, the index was reinstated on 43,000 points psychologically. However, the market closed in the negative zone. The BSE stock index declined by 368.44 points to the end of business on Thursday, with which index dropped from 43441.18 points to 43072.74 points, as compared to 220.71 points, the KSE index indexed 21624.62 points and KSE All share indexs closed from 31485.30 points to 31226.75 points. Due to the turnover, market deficit declined by 79 billion 40 million rupees 44.464 thousand 931.

The total volume of the capital was resulted in 90 billion 72 billion 44 million from 5 lakhs 98 thousand 909 rupees to 89.83 billion rupees 3 crores 61 lakh 33 thousand 978. The stock market traded Rs. 7 billion worth Rs 7 billion worth of shares worth Rs. 14 billion 24 thousand worth Rs 5 billion on Wednesday. There was a total of 349 companies trading in the stock market on Thursday, out of which 80 shares were rising, 244 decreased and the value of 25 shares remained stable. According to the Emperor Azerbaddin Nain 2 Crores 47 million, Electricity Limited 90 lakh 32 thousand, Pure Electron 89 lakhs 7 thousand, military cement 71 million 87 thousand and Unity Foods Limited, be up to 70 million 8 thousand shares. The highest increase in the price of national refinery, which was closed by Rs 15.59 to Rs 449.90. Similarly, the deals of shares of Faisal spinning were also closed at Rs. 328. The highest price was the prices of Nelsley Pakistan and Unilever Foods. The value of the shares of Nelsey Pakistan was Rs 376.78 from Rs 12222.22 and the share of Unilever Foods remained Rs. 9350 from Rs 150

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