The restoration of the parking lot for traders spoiled the plot from Grabber

08.088KARACHI: The efforts of SP Jamshed Town Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan in the Nursery Furniture Market were dispatched to Land Garbage and the parking lot were restored to the merchandise, the police would only act in light of judicial verdict, no plot for the plot.
The police will monitor the police plot till March 20, according to the judicial decision, the links between the area and the police will be improved, SP asserts SP Jamshed Town Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan today Atiq What’s the matter with a delegation of merchant-based merchants who met Mir On this
occasion, traders announced withdrawal of the protest call on Friday 9th, 2018, at the occasion, including Nursery Furniture Market Association President Javed Elahi, Muhammad Asif, Saleem Ahmed, Amir Taseet and others. Thanks to SP Jamshed Town Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan, saying that traders will not demand any laws against them nor will tolerate any law against them, he said that every protest of traders will be in favor of their legitimate demands.
Whenever the administration will deviate from its responsibilities, traders will find the roads, they have SP gym Update Town assured that better links with entrepreneurs, address their legitimate grievances and surtmyn to not be abused to avoid any kind of protest.


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