karachi:Rice exports from Pakistan have seen sizeable growth of overall 27% at the end of February, 2018. This statement was given by Mr. Rafique Suleman, Senior Vice Chairman Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan, while talking with news reporters.
He shared the figures of rice exports during the period of July to February 2018. He said that at the end of February 2018, rice exports for fiscal year 2017-18 (July to Feb 2018) a significant growth has been observed as compared to Last fiscal year 2016-17 (July to Feb 2017).
He said that this year we exported Total 2.59 Million Metric Tons of rice amounting to US$. 1.224 Billion, whereas last fiscal year in the same period we had exported 2.27 Million Metric Tons of rice amounting to US$.961 Million, which shows over all a significant growth of 27% in terms values and 14% in terms of quantity.
He expressed his pleasure to inform the media persons that by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have come out of the crisis which we have been observing since last three years. Further with the coordination of REAP Office Bearers with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and Customs, value of rice export trade is showing improvement which is a good sign for our country. Further, REAP members are putting their untiring efforts and aggressive marketing to increase the rice exports and to earn valueable foreign exchange for our beloved country Pakistan.
He informed that last month REAP had organized International Buyers Recognition Awards in Dubai and as a result we are observing that rice exports to UAE showing good growth. In 8 months of current fiscal year, we have exported more than 100,000 Metric tons of rice amounting to US$ 67 Million. Kenya is the largest buyer of Pakistani Non Basmati rice and during eight months of this fiscal year (July to Feb 2018) we have exported 323,000 Metric Tons of rice amounting to US$ 118 Million.

He also said that China is the 2nd largest destination for Pakistani Non Basmati rice. As at the end of February 2018, we have exported 233,000 Metric tons of rice valueing US$ 83 Million. He expressed his gratitude to authorities of Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan for obtaining more benefits for Pakistani rice in the recent negotiations during 2nd round of Pakistan China Free Trade Agreement which will result into substantial growth in rice exports to China.
He briefed that right now international demand for rice has been increased around the globe. He was happy to inform that this year we had a very good crop in terms of quality and quantity. Further, prices of Pakistani rice are comparatively cheaper than our competitors, Thailand, Vietnam etc. which is also in our favour.
He added that Pakistani rice exporters are putting their extra ordinary efforts for fetching valueable foreign exchange for the growth of economy of our beloved country and making huge investment for installing world146s latest rice machinery and most modern technology for value addition in rice.while during the same fiscal year, we had reached 22 lakh 71 thousand metric tonnes of rice, which was worth 961 million This year, that year’s rice exports rose by 14% and 27% growth was worth it. Rafiq Sulman expressed his happiness over the significant increase in rice exports and said that the rice imports of specialty basmati rice had been in grave crisis for the past several years, with the constant and endless work of the members of the Almighty Allah, we came out of this crisis.

Have been In addition, due to joint efforts of REAP, TDAP and Customs officials, the value of rice has increased significantly. REAP officials and rice producers are visiting a trade delegation in many countries in the world to look for new markets for Pakistani rice. A major REAP business delegation of the REAP in this regard led by Chairman.

Chairman, REAP Chaudhry Samiullah, In addition to the visit of Mauritius, the next month, South America’s major countries will also visit Brazil, Argentina and Chile so that Pakistani rice can be introduced in the markets of these countries and can increase rapidly in Pakistani rice. In addition, a trade delegation led by Rafiq Sulman will also visit Saudi Arabia next month, Saqmati rice. Recently, the REAP arranged an international award ceremony during the Gulf Food in the United Arab Emirates, which resulted in an increase in Pakistani rice exports in the Arab Emirates and eight months of the current fiscal year.

There has been 1 million six thousand tonnes of rice, worth $ 67 million. Kenya is the largest buyer of Pakistani non-basin rice rice, and in eight months of the last financial year, we have exported about 330,000 tonnes of rice, which is about $ 118 million. “China is the second largest buyer of rice, and in the past eight months, 2 million 33 thousand tonnes of rice has been received,” he said while expressing interest in China’s exports. Appreciating the recent steps of the Government of Pakistan, he said that the efforts of Ministry of Commerce in other deadly talks between Pakistan and China are expected to get more and more privileges for Pakistani rice.

Which will begin with the next fiscal year, which is expected to increase the exports of Pakistani rice to China. He further said that the demand for rice in the international market has increased significantly and this year, Pakistan’s rice crop is also good due to quantity and quality. Furthermore, Pakistani rice prices are other competitors in Thailand and Thailand. There are relatively few comparisons compared to Vietnam, which focuses on the attention of international buyers on Pakistan and it is hoped that rice will increase significantly in the current financial year.

He said that Pakistan Rice exporters are working hard for the country’s economic development and are heading a large scale for acquisition of exchange and using the world’s best technology for rice value edition.

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