Special Post will work with the Islamic finance department,Muttah Ismail


Karachi: Advisor Finance, Dr. Muttah Ismail has said  the Islamic finance special post will be made in the Finance Ministry soon, which will work with the Islamic financial sector. He also said  that soon the committee meeting will be held to implement the recommendations of the Standing Committee for the promotion of Islamic banking in the country. This will be done by the two-day World Islamic Finance Forum in Karachi. Speaking while addressing that, the World Islamic Finance Forum has started in Karachi. Shaikh Ibrahim ibn Khalifa, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ACIIII ( Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) is a special guest of the Al Khalifa Conference. . On this occasion, highlighting the performance of the government, Muttah Ismail said that we 6% are ready to achieve the GDP rate that has the highest growth rate in the last decade. He expressed hope that 6% GDP growth will create new jobs and claim that Pakistan has the potential to gain 8 to 10 percent GDP rates. He further said that the government has eliminated the major problems of the prosperity and development of the road like energy shortage, peace and security.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the Conference Sheikh Ibrahim bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa, chairman of the Board of Trustees of ACCOI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) said that it is delighted to see that the center of Pakistan Islamic Finance There is an effort to become Pakistan for which there is a population of twenty million Muslims, a strong banking and finance sector, dynamic agriculture sector, industrial and service sectors. Although the State Bank of Pakistan and S Financial regulators such as EPP are playing a very active role. The efforts for more than a decade have been motivated and grieve that attempts to promote Islamic banking will not be lost. Addressing the conference, AAFII chairman and Mimmez’s global scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani said, “We have largely started Islamic banking in Pakistan and the fact that Pakistan’s people are around the world Islamic The major positions in banking and institutions are on the rise and are playing an important role in developing regulatory frameworks and above all, keeping up the business and business needs of the business, are preparing a product. Mufti Taqi Usmani said the government He should take concrete and practical steps to clean the economy. He demanded the government to do so Services will be headed by an additional section or Ed led by Joint Secretary of the Treasury that would address priority issues for the financial sector.
On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the Muban Bank, Irfan Siddiqui said that Islamic financial institutions have additional funds and the government should work on the search of effective sources for the use of these additional funds. They have spent 500 billion in the next six months For the release of rupees of rupees, the head of the Additional Secretary in the finance ministry also emphasized the establishment of additional desks. He further said that it is very proud to hit that Pakistan’s first full service Islamic bank is playing an important role in promoting Islamic banking in Pakistan and our work has been celebrated globally. I am confident that the exchange of ideas in the World Islamic Finance Forum will help to contribute to Pakistan’s political finance.
Addressing the conference, Dr. Ali Siddiqui, director of the IBA Center for Excellence, said that the IBA Center for Excellence has emerged as a regional platform for Islamic financial affairs, focusing on developing Islamic finance professionals and through international cooperation. The new HR talent is focused on the pool.
IBACIEF Chairman, Dr. Ashrat Hussain, Deputy Governor State Bank, Jamil Ahmed, Deputy Governor State Bank Islamic Banking, Development Finance and IT Clusterists Al Hasan, Dean and Director IBA Dr. Farooq Iqbal, Takafeel Pakistan Managing Director, Executive Executive Officer Rizwan Hussein and Managing Director of Pak Qualifier, Pak Diabel Group, also addressed.

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