High prices at Ramazan bazaars vex customers


SADIQABAD: The district and provincial governments seem to be helpless in controlling profiteering, especially at Ramazan bazaars, reported Express News.

Despite tall claims made by the provincial government to control the prices of fruits and vegetables, the common man could hardly afford even essential commodities due to profiteering in city markets. Citizens kept complaining about the prices of everyday use commodities.

Shoppers at different Ramazan bazaars and open markets said the government has failed to provide relief to citizen as prices of most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables are high in Ramazan bazaars as well as open markets. They complained it is another false claim of the provincial and district governments that prices of most seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables and other essential commodities are lower in Ramazan bazaars when compared to open markets.

They complained greengrocers, shopkeepers and street vendors, are all busy in fleecing citizens but there is no mechanism of effective price control and management.  Most people were of the view that in Ramazan bazaars, they are selling assorted varieties or substandard commodities at the price of superior quality goods.
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