US man’s racist rant against Pakistani student caught on camera


A Pakistani student in Texas, caught a man’s racist rant on video, telling him, “This isn’t Pakistan,” during a road rage incident — prompting police to launch an investigation.

Ali Alghamdi, a student of engineering at Texas A&M University, told HuffPost he was running errands in Kingsville early May when he encountered the man, screaming profanities at him.

The man who had been blocking Alghamdi, had then stepped out of his car and had started shouting racist profanities at him while accusing him of tailgating.

Alghamdi had then started to record the man, “in case something happened to me.”

“I was just shocked; honestly, I was scared,” Alghamdi said.

The video he filmed, shows a man in a cowboy hat accusing Alghamdi of tailgating him.

“This is America,” the driver can be heard saying halfway through the video.

“You better learn how to drive in America,” the man says. “This isn’t Pakistan. This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait.”

“What?” Alghamdi can be heard asking from his car. “Say that again.”

“This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait. We have rules in this,” the man rants, later adding, “You sound like an Arab.”

However, the men eventually returned to his car but continued to follow Alghamdi as he went about his chores.

The police who responded a few minutes later asked Alghamdi to file a police report and turn over the video so that they could look into what had happened.

The Kingsville police have identified the man in the video, though his name has not been publicly released.

According to Lieutenant Bradley Lile, officials will pursue disorderly conduct charges against the accused.

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